Carson Calhoun 200hr YTT Program Outline

Carson Calhoun 200hr YTT Program Outline

Carson Calhoun 200hr YTT Program Outline
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Techniques, training and practice:


Pranayama & Subtle Body


Anatomy and Physiology:




Yoga Humanities:




Carson brings a special talent and style that will keep teacher trainers fully engaged during the training and equip them to be ready to confidently and competently teach to their communities after completing this training. This is a unique opportunity to go deep with the popular Rocket Yoga style, as most Rocket trainings are only 50 hours.

Training will be focused on, and not limited to, the following topics:

8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga
Yamas and Niyamas (applied yoga philosophy)
Daily posture breakdowns
Ashtanga Vinyasa concepts – breath, bandha, drishti, primary series, secondary series, Rocket Yoga
Other styles of yoga: Baptiste, Vinyasa Flow, Core Power, and more
Mantras and chanting
Class sequencing
Qualities of a yoga teacher and business of yoga
Yoga massage
Yoga Nidra – yogic sleep


An Interview with Carson Clay Calhoun – Internationally Acclaimed Yogi and Handstand-Up Comedian

Conducting an interview with Carson Clay Calhoun is just as easy as being around him in a yoga workshop.  Carson is open and friendly and he laughs a lot. His easy-going nature and his sense of humor, which I learned in the interview is genetic (comes from his father), makes our conversation chock full of wisdom and a lot of fun!

“A self-described Handstand-Up Comedian, Carson combines his love for being upside-down with his natural ability to make people laugh. During his workshops, trainings, and retreats, students are encouraged to push their limits and explore their edge, while maintaining a playful attitude. In every instance, one can be sure to break a sweat, learn something new, and leave with a smile on his or her face.”

I spent an enjoyable and informative hour with Carson learning more about this funny, sensitive, authentic man who has guided thousands of students, from all corners of the world, deeper in their yoga practices.

I first wanted to know the answer to a basic question for which there are as many different answers as there are yogis.  Carson, how do you define yoga?

  • I define yoga as the quieting of the mind.  We all live such busy lives, and we run around with monkey mind as a default switch.  Yoga is designed to lead us into silence. This silence in the mind becomes even more important in difficult postures.  It seems like it might be harder to achieve this quiet in difficult postures, but it’s actually essential to quiet your mind to DO difficult postures.  A peaceful mind extends so far beyond the yoga mat. It becomes the foundation of a fulfilled life.

I know your mom has a studio, but apparently you did not get into yoga until 2010.  What was your early life like growing up in a yoga environment and what finally brought you to your yoga practice?

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